We are currently fundraising and looking for benefactor to acquire land and build a permanent home in Delhi for the children and to offer more orphans and needy children hope for the future.



soya cow projectIn 1988 a SoyaCow Support Group was formed and by 1992 Child Haven International had purchased six SoyaCow machines. Child Haven received funding for this environmentally friendly project from The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). There are now 400 SoyaCow machines in India and it is being promoted in Africa. Charitable donations and fundraising events provided Child Haven's contribution to the promotion of the SoyaCow.

SoyaCow technology produces a palatable, highly nutritious, cereal or almond flavoured milk without cholesterol. The milk and okara mash can then be used to produce other soya products such as yogurt, tofu and vada. One machine can produce sixteen-three gallon batches in an eight hour day - equivalent of a herd of 16 cows in India.

Please note this project can not be undertaken in the current rental accomodation due to lack of space.


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