Tashi delek,
I am fine and everything is going ok. Studies are going great. Oh yeah, I am in this club called Robotics Club in our school and I have been in this club for about 2 years. For me, this club is where everyone is welcome and we all together build robots. There is a robot competition conduct by USFIRST and it it is held every year. I particularly love this club because people com up with many different ideas to build a robotic and go out there and compete against other high schools. This Friday and Saturday is our competition. And I have been looking forward for this day. When I go out there and compete against others, I learn many different ideas and things that I never learnt before. I make many Friends. Last years we were new York regional champion.

Take care





Tashi delek to all
I hope that you guys are totally fit and fine. Here everything is going fine. School is on session right now. I am only one who go to summer school. Sangay and Tenzin do not have summer. Actually summer school is pretty good because I meet student from different school because it's like only our school is holding summer school in our district this year.
I heard that Dokpo ( friends) are doing good at studies at maitreya home. I like that. But here it's little bit boring here. I have friends but I feel like I am missing something, you what I mean. I can't tell anybody my jokes, no ones is here to laugh at my stupid jokes. Badly missing you guys,everyone of you.........
My school is going to start it's new session on 6th September. This year is very important for me. Gotta. Study really hard.
So, take care everyone
Keep sending messages, their is a thing called Internet. Hahahhaha just joking cho cho.
Peace out and tell everyone tashi delek.

Tashi delek to all
I hope you are fine and having a nice time. Here we all are fine and missing you all and Maitreya home. I and Sangyal are having a good school year. Here it is not yet snowing but it is very chilly outside . Last saturday I went to school party and I had so much fun , all my friends came we danced took pictures and videos. Have you seen them and that video is just for fun they told me to act like nerd and so I did. And I am doing good with my studies also.

Here Sangyal wants to say something
I hope you are fine and here I am doing good. My school near the house. I made lots of friend, my best friend is Thiri she is intelligent and always helps me. Miss you all : )
Take care

6th November

tashi delek
September 11 was important here. On that day I went to world trade center and time square with my best friend lobsang. There were heavy security at every corner, every where police, New Yorkers were in great sadness.
I dont get much time because i have to go school which finishes at 4.30 and I get lots of home work to do ....
tashi delek
take care
Enjoy your weather here getting cold .

30th September

Hi tashi delek
I hope you all are fine and having fun. Here all are fine and healthy. Weather is getting colder everyday. Sangyal is in 7th grade now and I am in 10th grade, I am enjoying my school days . Last school year I did not feel that much comfortable but I have many good friends. They always help me and we go to dance class every thursday in school. We just had holloween. That was so much fun. All street were full of small children different costumes and asking for candies. And my birthday wasn't on that day, it is on Janaury 15.
Have a nice day
Take care


7th September

tashi delek to all
we all are fine and fit here..and doing welll
Raining since morning, today. goood day though.
summmer vacation was good i did lots of thing. most of time i played soccer and went to picnic to central park and to beach.

yeah hurricane, it was not as disasterous as thought in our zone but in some places like long island people are still in flood. Reports said all electricity would be cut for a days and would have to buy food earlier for 2 days.. nothing bad happened in our area.

tashi delek
take care

1st September
Here all are fine and healthy and hoping there also. My summer vacation are about to finish and starting my new class from 8th of September. I enjoyed my summer vacation and preparing myself for new class..


Wednesday 8th of June

I am fine and looking forward for my summer vacation. Here all is fine but I am missing all the members of my home.

Yah my school Newtown High is the one with old tower building. I heard that this school is 110 years old. I like this school but our school is so large that one day I got lost in the 7th period. It was our English period but my English teacher is so nice, she didn't say anything to me when I came late to her class.
Today I took my marine science final exam. It was little bit easy but I have a problem with US history. This subject is little bit tough since I joined the school in middle of session. Now we are left with only 4 school days then we are having our summer vacation.
I am little confused what I should do during my breaks, most of my friends are going to do part time jobs.
My school gets over at 4 pm. I do home work and I usually go to play.
take care

Lhamo Dorjee

April 2011

Tashi Delek
Here all are fine and I have joined the school last week. My school name is Newtown High School. It’s little far from my home. I have bus card given by the school but I usually walk. I think it’s good for my health. I have lots of friends in school, Tibetans as well.Teachers in school are good and helpful.
I have summited the form for my school soccer team and I did my medical check for soccer team today. Selection will be held in June and from next week I am having my spring break for 11 days.
There is immense different between here and India. I think it will take time to settle here.
First when I came here the whole things puzzled me up and every buildings and streets appeared the same. One evening I went to buy some notebook and when I was returning home, I was lost. I ran here and there and after about half an hour I found myself near by the shop from where I brought notebooks so I asked traffic police for help. He showed me the street where I had to go.
But now I can go anywhere my self.
take care

Lhamo Dorjee



Lhamo Lhamo Lhamo

Lhamo Dorjee reporting from New York