Rinchen and Lham receive Annemarie Desloges scholarship

Many greetings and congratulation to Ms.Rinchen Tsomo and Ms.Lham Drema for earning the prestige scholarship.

All the Members of Maitreya Foundation were delighted to receive Annemarie Desloges Scholarship from Canassist Committee of High commission of Canada on 03/05/2016.

The Scholarship was awarded by His Excellency Nadir Patel the high commissioner of Canada to India and Madam Jennifer Graham the Chair of Canassist society.

Thanking you very much Canasisit society for supporting us all the time.






On the 29th March 2016 and 31st March, two  groups from West Island College, Calgary Canada came to visit  International Maitreya Foundation, New Delhi for a cultural exchange. The first group, 26 students and four teachers, the second group 28 students and 2 teacher; a total of 60 Canadians visitors to our home.

Mr. Konchok Yangphel, General Secretary, introduced them to our foundation and discussed Tibetan History.

The students showed great interest in the ongoing political and human rights issues in Tibet and we discussed the 43 Tibetans who have self immolated and their reasons and demands. Yet the UN and world leaders are still silent on the Tibet issue and do not openly speak out for human rights in Tibet.

Afterwards, the Canadian students had interaction with our children. We really appreciated and enjoyed their visit and our children had a lot of fun playing soccer and sharing their views.

We thank the Government of Canada and it's people for helping the Tibetan Diaspora and the resettlement program since 1960s.










Canassist Society make our dream true. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

We the members of Maitreya Children Home are VERY HAPPY to receive The school Van (Maruti Eco) with the support of  Canassist Society.

Last year we moved into a permanent home with the generous support of Sally Mum and Family who bought the land. Then again with Support from Canassist Society, Child Haven International, Bal Dan Charity and many Individual supporters, we were able to build a permanent home for our Children.

Since then we have been unable to transfer our children's school from Dwarka to Vasant Kunj as it was s very difficulty to get admission for so many children at one time and in a session. We hired a school Bus paying huge rent and yet the safety and condition of the bus was not good.

Therefore in the past year we asked for support to fund us School Van.
Today Canassist Society make our dream true. We THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

There are 6 senior students are going for college and 2 more students will join college from this session.

When our President Ven.Dakpa Rinpoche and co-workers went to pick up our School Van at Maruti Showroom they found very good, computerised  modern technology to teach driving. With 5 days training on computer and 15 days practical on the road at a cost of 4,200 rupees. Therefore our President is encouraging all our senior college students to learn driving.

Thanking you very much.

By all the members of Maitreya Children home.

Ms. Gyari Dolma Visits Maitreya

29th September 2015:  Ms. Gyari Dolma, Kalon, Department of Home, Central  Tibetan administration (CTA) visited International Maitreya Foundation, New Delhi.  All the children gave her a warm welcome and offered her the Tibetan traditional scarf (khatag).

The children and the Executives members were honoured to receive her at the foundation and it made us exceptionally happy to have almost a two-hour-long discussion with our Kalon.  Dakpa Rinpoche, the founder gave a detailed account of the concepton of the Foundation, its vision and future plans and programmes.  The Kalon expressed her hopes to stay in touch with the foundation to know about its progress.


On the auspicious Lhakar day of His Holiness the 14th DALAI LAMA our Nyima Dorjee, the most senior student of the Maitreya home, by his wish, became a monk. He is physically challenged and he has been operated on 9 times with the help and support of the International Child Haven. Now his condition is much better. He went to special school till 8th grade but left school as he was facing difficulties with his studies.

Nyima Dorjee had been thinking of becoming monk for the past few years so finally today he has become a monk.

Becoming monk is truly a very meaningful way of life. All the Maitreya children and staff are really proud of him. We all wish monk Nyima Dorjee a great future and successful life ahead.

Ms. Tenzin Wangmo Winterberg (nee Topbhutsang)  is a very kind, hard working and generous girl, and a long time supporter of Maitreya.

She has been helping the Maitreya children home since 2008 in so many ways such as tuition, washing clothes for the younger children, cleaning rooms and cooking food etc.

She is very close family member to our Maitreya children and staff members. She is daughter of our Rinpoche's elder sister.

Ms.Topbhutsang has been a representative of our foundation in Switzerland for a long time.

Due to her hard and sincere work she got permission from Swiss airlines to carry one free baggage from Switzerland for whoever travels on that airline. We have received many new clothes, shoes and caps from Nike company for our children from many other individual friends.

She visits our home whenever she gets time and spends her precious time in our foundation. We all really enjoy her visits to our foundation.

So we would like to thank Tenzin very much from the depth of our hearts.


Maitreya Foundation is building library for our children and others. Library building is made possbile  through generious funding from SALLY AMA .

We all are so excited and happy to have MINI Library in our foundation for enriching and creating knowledge and learning atmosphere for future and today’s Children.

Therefore we are requesting all our friends and supporters to donate books which are worth reading and will inspire from your experience.

12 July 2015  Vasant kunj, Our Rinpoche's great & lucky day (Laza)

12 July 2015  International Maitreya foundation, Vasant kunj, NewDelhi Today on Sunday our Rinpoche's great and lucky day (Laza). We all with our Rinpoche la planted Night Blooming Jasmine (Raat ki Rani) plant in front of our Maitreya's building.

This plant is famous for its flower that heavily perfumed when moon is seen at night and said to be very useful for our environment. we just want to update in facebook account of International Maitreya Foundation


May Celebrations

On 4th May 2015 the community of Buddhist Council invited us for the celebration of Buddha Purnima in Talkotara Indoor Stadium New Delhi.

Our Dakpa Rinpoche la, President of International Maitreya Foundation and all of us attended the function.
The chief guest was shri Narendra Modi ji, the prime minister of India and shri Kiren Rijiju, union minister of state for home affairs.

On the same day in evening Lama Lobsang the President of Ashoka Machine held function at Ashoka Machine Chhatarpur New Delhi. With our Rinpoche la we all attended the function.
The chief guest was Kiren Rijiju Union minister of state for home affairs and many well known person were also present and many Tibetan MP and minister were also present there like Home Minister, Religion Minister, President and wise President of parliament and representative of his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama were also present there on the same occasion. Many Monks,Nuns,Tibetan,and Indian Buddhist also attended the function. Our children got some precious time of shri Kiren Rijiju to have some conversation with him and photo shoot....

Mr. AMIT DHIMAN (UNISOL COMPUTERS) donated three computer sets to our International Maitreya foundation.

WELCOME Ngawang Dolma to the Maitreya family

Maitreya Home welcome our new member Ngawang Dolma. Ngawang is 5 years old and comes from Bombdila, India. Ngawang Dolma belongs to a very poor family, raised by single mother who is working hard as a maid but her salary is not enough to meet the day to day expenses of 3 children. So Ngawang Dolma is joining the Maitreya family for further education and support. 

Bonniema visited us on 08/02/2015


Celebrating His Holiness the Dalai Lama's birthday at Maitreya


Ann Cameron and Grant visited Maitreya children home after their one month holiday in Dharamshala. First they visited all children in Dwarka and then the new home construction project.

Celebrating His Holiness the Dalai Lama's birthday at Maitreya



Happily a new result from the academic year 2012-13 our student Norbu Tsering ranked top in their school from Humanities stream.

Farewell Party for Sally Mum and Chris, March 2014.

Welcoming Sally Mum and Chris at Delhi Airport March 2014.


Our dream of a home is coming to life!

Thanks to Sally Mom's donation we have been able to purchase a permanent home for the Maitreya family.


The land is 200sq yards with an old home on it and we have already started repairing and building one and a half story more.
Now we are under repairing and building one and half story more to space for all our children.
Sally Mom and Chris are visiting us on 11th March and they also wish to help us in building works.
Brother Konchok is looking after the construction work every day.

See more pics>>>

HAPPY LOSAR - Celebrating Losar at Deer Park


Visit from Mr.Lekyi  Dorjee (Tibetan welfare officer of Delhi ) 

12th Oct 2013 Tibetan welfare officer of Delhi,  Mr.Lekyi  Dorjee la from Central Tibetan administration visited Maitreya foundation. We shared all the stories of Maitreya Children home with him and he was very happy to see our grass root work for the welfare of Tibetan refugee children.
He also promised us to support us in any terms.
We, all the members of Maitreya foundation, thanked him for visiting us.

Music Lessons with Ngawang

All Here the Maitreya Children are leaning Tibetan music using traditional instruments. Tibetan College student Ngawang is volunteering his time on Saturday and Sunday to teach our children.
They are learning very well and quickly. Gyalpo and Karma Tsewang are the fastest leaners among all.

Congratulations - Maitreya Home children's final school results

All the maitreya kids have had excellent results from work in School and pass percentage is 100%. Norbu Tsering got 1st postion in his arts stream and Dickey Dolkar Got 2nd postion in his class. Nyima Dorjee got first position in his Aasha Special School. See more

Maitreya Home welcomes Tashi Yangzom

Maitreya received request from office of representative of H.H Dalai lama in South India to admit a girl child called Tashi Yangzom 10 yrs old to our home. With her mother seriously ill and her father looking after his wife 24 hrsa day therefore unable to after Tashi financiallyor send her to school, we accepted her with open arms into our Maitreya home where she is doing wonderfully day by day. WELCOME TO OUR HOME TASHI


Canadian Embassy Visits - Favourite Pictures 2012

Congratulations for outstanding school results for Maitreya kids

Tsering Yangkee scored 96% in her class X Central Government Exam. Two other Maitreya children scored 82% and 80% with the remaining children also doing well in their exams. We have 5 children in class XI.

5 Maitreya kid finished class X standard and got good result and Bonniema gave farewell prizes to them on behalf of Maitreya Home.
Tsering Yankee  got 96% all over
Rinchin Tsomo got 82%
Norbu Tsering 80%
Nyima Lhamo 76%
Dhonyoue Gyalpo 76%

all five are studing in class XI now.
Nyima Dorjee got first position in his class and Bonniema also gave him prize

Our kids posing with prizes in school Annual sports week from different fields like 100 meter Race, shot-put, discus, back race, marathons etc
Nyima Dorjee also got many sports prizes from his Asha special school for handicapped kids

Bonnie Ama and members of Child Haven visit Maitreya August 2012

Ven, Chabgi Tsona Rinpoche (Culture Minister of Arunachal) and Chabgi Lakha Rinpoche (Director of Tibet Charity of Denmark) Visit Maitreya Children Home Dwarka New Delhi India.

Mr. Harry Wu of LAOGAI RESEARCH FOUNDATION visist Maitreya

Mr. Harry Wu Executive Director of LAOGAI RESEARCH FOUNDATION visited Maitreya home on 7/03/2012

kids with dalai lama kids with dalai lama

On 20th February 2012, we, the members of Maitreya Children Home, Dwarka
welcomed and installed with great respect, photos of the four great Buddhist scholars - Je Lobsang Drakpa, Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen, Guru Padma Sambhava and Jetsun Milarepa.

These great scholars have made inexhaustible contributions in establishing, refining and propagating the teachings and wisdom of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism – Gelug, Nyingma, Sakya and Kagyu.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has repeatedly emphasised on fostering a genuine non-sectarian spirit within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. His compassionate motivation and mastery over the true understanding of the teachings of Lord Buddha has made His Holiness the most perfect
teacher for Buddhist from across schools and disciplines.

In keeping with the wishes of His Holiness, we at Maitreya Children Home devote ourselves in fostering a non-sectarian spirit and offer
our prayers to all the great teachers of Tibetan Buddhism.

Dakpa Rinp

Wish you a very tibetan new year

Visit from our Swiss friend Jamyang lak & Upcoming Fundraiser

Our Swiss friend Jamyang lak visited our home and taught the kids a tibetan song.


Bonnie Ama and Cannassit visit Maitreya home

30th November 2011: Bonnie Ama and Canassist members visited our home. Here is Bonnie Ama, with Rinpochey's mother and Rinpochey.

Maitreya march in support of human rights in Tibet> > >

Visit from New members of Canadian Embassy > > >

Bonniema and co-workers from Child Haven visit Maitreya

17th Aug 2011 at 5.30pm Bonniema and her co-workers from Child Haven visited the Maitreya home.

Our children danced and sang songs of welcome to Bonniema and the others.

Bonniema was very happy to see all the children are healthy and growing day by day both physically and educationally.

Tsering Yangkey told Bonniema about their school and Norbu Tsering tallied about life in Maitreya Home. Karma Youdon spoke about learning yoga at the yoga centre.

New school uniforms for our hardworking kids at Maitreya

All are fine and all the children are also going well in there study. Here is some picture of their new school uniform.

Friends from the Canadian Embassy visit Maitreya

Our friends from the Canadian Embassy visited Maitreya to celebrate the start of the new school term and end of the summer holidays. We all enjoyed a curry cooked for us by brother Konchok. Our Australian friend Sophie also stayed with us and played games with all the kids. See more recent pictures >>>

Maitreya meet Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay > > >

On Monday 13th June the children and staff of Maitreya visited CTA (Central Tibetan Administration) and met Lobsang Sangay the elected Prime Minister of Tibet Govt in exile.

My Sangay talked to us about his life experiences, how he chose his career and advised on how to study, to help the Tibetan society and the world community.

Lobsang Sangay (born 1968 at Darjeeling) is a Tibetan refugee, legal scholar and political activist. He was elected as the next Kalon Tripa, or prime minister, of the Tibetan Government in Exile on 26 April 2011, succeeding the 5th Samdhong Rinpoche. He is a Tibetan legal scholar, and an expert on Tibet and international human rights law. He is also currently a visiting Research Fellow at the East Asian Legal Studies Program at Harvard Law School.

Maitreya welcomes Subhan and helps him to start school at Asha

Maitreya Home was shifted from old rented house to new location as old landlord wanted us to move.

At our new home we met Subhan who seemed very happy to see our Maitreya children and came to visit us everyday.

Shuban is an 9 years old Indian boy and his father is the night gate keeper. His mother does not have a job and Shuban has two sisters who attend the free government school.

Subhan is mute so he was left home without any learning opportunity.

Therefore we decided to send Shuban to Asha Special School where disabled children can learn different skills. He jumped for joy with a big smile when with a new school uniform, school books he went off for his first day at school.

Shuban  is now part of our Maitreya family and he is happy to go to school with our Nyima Dojee. We also serve him 3 meals a day but he still sleeps with his parents who live near by our Maitreya Home.

Maitreya kids visit hunger strike

The staff and kids from Maitreya visited hunger strikers to offer their support, sang the Tibetan national uprising song and spent time writing messages about the situation. One child wrote " is not your place. It is Tibetan place. Land of the snow lions".

Hunger strike

Dr Tsetan la visits MAITREYA home

On the 3rd of April 2011, Dr Tsetan la, the head of the Delek Hospital in Dharamsala, visited the Maitreya home. The Delek Hospital is the biggest hospital owned by the Tibetan government in exile and Dr Tsetan is the personal doctor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 

It was a privilege to welcome Dr Tsetan la to have tea and to talk to the children.

He advised the children that the principle of a good education is very important in day to day life. 

We pray for happy moments everyday and are very thankful for the opportunity to provide the kids at Maitreya with a modern education. 


Maitreya welcomes little Lhamo to their family!

On Wednesday 30th March 2011 Maitreya welcomed a new child, Lhamo to the home. Lhamo's family has to deal with many of the struggles faced by Tibetan refugees living in India. Unable to subsist and provide enough food for the family, they wished that their daughter Lhamo could get a good education with the support of Maitreya.  

We are so pleased to welcome Lhamo into our loving home environment and to provide her with a future that her and her family couldn't have dreamed of. 

Brother Konchok could not get Lhamo, who is 7 years old, to pose for a picture as she was about to cry but little Kyizom made her feel safe. 
We all need to work hard to support little Lhamo in catching up with her education and to put a smile on her face.


Picnic at India gate to celebrate the end of exams and next 10 days off!

Delegates from Canadian High Commission and Canassist Society

On Sunday 27th February 2011 at 11am a group of supporters from the High Commission of Canada, New Delhi came to Maitreya Home and brought with them a donation of blankets, bed sheets, floor mattress, pillows and vegetable etc.

All the children are very happy to get new bedding suits.

Canadian High Commission From Right: Mrs Gina Shakespeare (Liaison Officer, High Commission of Canada, New Delhi) ,  Mrs Kelly Brophy , Mrs Hazel Brophy, Mr Rick Shakespeare, Mrs Brenda Beck (wife of Canadian High Commissioner, New Delhi) Mrs Jennifer Robinson (Co-chair of Canassist Society)

BONNIEMA'S Surprise visit 24th Feb 2011

Bonniema, Robin (Bonniema's son) his wife and their daughter visited Maitreya home on 24th Feb 2011.
All the children were so very happy. We all feel Bonniema is our own mother, she has supported and cared for the Maitreya home from the beginning and is our main fundraiser through her and Fred's NGO Child Haven International. Tsering Yankee read a poem that she wrote and published in school magazine and we all enjoyed it.



Awarded the Special Athletic Event 2010 for 50 metres Walk at Asha Special School


Free medical check up from Apollo hospital on 28-01-2011

On 28-01-2011 all our children received a free medical check up at Apollo hospital thanks to our kind long term supporter Aasha Reddy. The good news is all our children are sound in health. Madam Aasha Reddy from Chennai, is now our Advisor and along with organising regular Medical checks at Apollo also arranged the free yoga classes which the children attend every Sunday. Thankyou kind Aasha and Apollo Hospital.

medical check

Konchok and Sophie Fundraising in Australia


The Manly Markets was a nice idea until the heavens opened but Soph and Konchok took their shop to various Christmas functions making a number of sales. Well done!

Seasons greetings from The Maitreya family


The members and children of the Maitreya Home wish all our friends, supporters and sponsors a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Thuk Jhe Che means thank you in Tibetan.

With your kind support we are making a difference to the futures of many Children.

The Maitreya family welcomes 2 new members to our home.

We are pleased to introduce our newest family members. Tenzin Kyizom, 3 and a half years old and our home mother Tenzin Tsomo.

Canadan Diplomats visit us at the Orphanage 5th October 2010

canadian diplomats

The Commonwealth Games in New Delhi bought many high-ranking politicians from various countries to India and amongst them was a high-profile group from Canada.

The Canadian High Commission in Delhi has been a very generous friend and sponsor of the Maitreya Foundation, so we were delighted to host a group of 15 delegates including the Minister of State for Sport, Mr Gary Lunn, The Canadian High Commissioner for New Delhi, His Excellency Stewart Beck, and Senator Vim Kochhar. (pictured above)

This was a wonderful opportunity for them to see first-hand how their contributions have much such a significant difference to our home and our lives.

The delegates received a warm, traditional Tibetan welcome from the founder of the Maitreya Foundation, the eighth Dakpa Rinpoche, Tenzin Choeki Gyaltsen, the staff and the students.

Rinpoche gave the visiting group an overview about the Foundation’s aims, objectives and activities while emphasizing the significance and need for support from the Canadian government and the International Community to solve the issue of Tibet under the leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

He also took the opportunity to thank the Canadian government for providing on-going asylum and permanent status to many Tibetans, especially during the critical times of the Tibetan history-in-exile.

During the two-hour visit, the students performed Tibetan dance and music and also talked to their guests about the problems in Tibet and made appeals on behalf of the Tibetan people.

Music and Poetry Night Fundraiser September 2010

A Music and Poetry night featuring Tibetan musician Tenzin Choegyal was held at the home of Sophie Coles this September. Soph lives in Sydney Australia where many Tibetan refugees now live. The Sydney Tibetan Community members helped by making mo mos and also performing Tibetan poetry, songs and dances.

Over $2,200 AUS was raised for the Maitreya Foundation.


kids kids


Summer Holiday in Dharamsala

Maitreya home welcomes Nyima Woeser

Nyima is 8 years old



Sydney's Tibetan Community celebrated Losar and Sophie Coles raised $650 Aus for the Maitreya Foundation Homefund. Well Done Sophie


Outside our new rent house


Rinpoche & Bonnie Cappucinno


Our Advisor & long time supporter, Aasha Reedy

kids kids kids kids kids kids fundraiser