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Why we need a home to call our own

Since the Maitreya Foundation came into being, it has always faced the difficult task of trying to balance its desire to help as many people as possible with the reality of trying to find appropriate and affordable accommodation.

As demand and needs have grown, so has the cost of rent and the degree of difficulty in finding a suitable place to call home.

The area where we are now situated, Dwarka, was once farming land on the outskirts of New Delhi.

With the rapid growth in population and a surging demand for housing, areas like Dwarka are now growing high-rise buildings and not food!

That pressure means that homes like the one we’re currently renting are prime development sites, and their owners are keen to capitalise on their potential profits.

Which means…we’re now facing the reality of having to move all of our children and our entire infrastructure yet again!!!

The only way we can eliminate this problem is to have our own land…our own home…and control of our own destiny…that’s why it is so important for the present and the future of Maitreya Foundation that we find the money to do that.

We wish to stay in the Dwarka area because it gives us great access to excellent schools and other facilities…we have people who are willing to help us build our new home…what we desperately need is money to buy the land.

Sadly, the longer it takes us to raise this money, the more expensive the land will become.

Please…for our future and the future of children like those who you see on this website…donate to our Home Project, and create a wonderful future for the Maitreya Foundation and those who come under our care.


The Opening Speech

On this auspicious day I would like to welcome you all to Maitreya Foundation Home.

In 1997 after passing my degree in Buddhist Philosophy from Drepung Loseling Monastery South India, I wanted to put into practice the teachings of the Lord Buddha by trying to help all sentient beings. I was 30 years then. On visiting various Tibetan settlements in South India, I was touched deeply by the situation of some of the children affected by physical and financial disabilities. Meeting the parents gave me the desire to help secure a better future for their children.

My first step towards this was to meet His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and His Eminence the 100th Gaden Tri Rinpoche Lobsang Nyima to seek their guidance and advice. They were extremely supportive and enthusiastic and His Holiness graciously donated Rs. 100,000 as seed money for this project. Next, I decided to visit countries in the West to see if I could find both financial and technical aid. I visited many handicap centers and orphanages in France, Switzerland, Japan and Germany and had meetings with "Handicap International", based in Switzerland.

Meanwhile I worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) for rehabilitation of drug addicted youths in Tibetan society and got a letter of high appreciation from the Department Of Health, Central Tibetan Administration of H.H the Dalai Lama in 1998.

With the blessings of H.H the 14th Dalai Lama, “the International Maitreya Foundation” was created and registered in 1997 under the India Society Act of 1860. I met Jurme Wangda la, who was the staff in H.H. representative office in Japan. Presently he is the founder and director of Ottawa Friends of Tibet, Canada. He introduced Madam Bonnie Cappuccino (affectionately called Bonnie ma), the director of "Child Haven International of Canada ", who has been sponsoring the project since.

Bonnie ma brought with her 5 children and we rented a small house in Dwarka suburb in the outskirts of Delhi. Then slowly the number of children increased from 5 to 15 and now there are 25 children in the Maitreya Home. The children attend a reputed Indian Public school called Shiksha Bharati Public School at Dwarka. We have 4 volunteer staff and 2 home mothers. We also sponsor 75 children and 25 elderly people.

The Maitreya Foundation accepts only those children who fall under these sections.

  • Orphan children who have no one to care for him or her.
  • Semi-orphans from very poor families, usually 6 years and under.
  • Children, whose parents cannot afford schooling.
  • Elderly people who do not have family or friends to take care of them.

Maitreya Foundation provides both financial and moral support to them.

I truly appreciate the help and support of all the people enabling Maitreya Foundation to achieve its main goal - to help all sentient beings, especially the young and the elderly. On this special day, I would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their great help.

  • We thank His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama who donated Rs.1 lakh as seed money for the Home.
  • Our sincere thanks to Ama Jetsun Pema la and TCV for taking our children to TCV for summer vacations and donation of a School Van.
  • We extend our thanks to Madam Abha Dalmia for taking time off from her busy schedule to attend the ceremony today.
  • We express our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Bonnie Cappuccino and Fred Cappuccino of International Child Haven for sponsoring the education and everyday expenses of Maitreya Children's Home. Bonnie ma is like a mother to the children and a ray of hope and happiness in their lives.
  • Our loving thanks to Ms. Sally M Patrick and Mr. Chris LaTour, who have given the Foundation a truly generous gift of 200,000 dollars for purchasing the land to build a permanent home for Maitreya Children. Sally’s Karmic connection with Maitreya Home started when she met a young boy of 13 named Konchok Yangphel at Bir, where she worked as a volunteer for the Tibetan community in exile. Thank you very much, Sally Mom. You will always hold a very special place in our hearts. A special thank you to Konchok Yangphel who has worked tirelessly to make this Home possible.
  • Thank you very much Dr.R.K Sharma for helping us all the government related permits.
  • Thank you very much Mr.DewaTsang Dorjee Wangdue former Member of Parliament for helping us in making the plan of this building.
  • Thanking you Madam Sarala and Dr.Suresh singh for facilitating excellent medical care for our Children at Apollo hospital for past many years.
  • We thank Sat Prakash Rana Ji MLA Bijwasan Constituency for the construction permits to build the Home.
  • We thank Vishva Hindu Parishad for the construction permit.
  • We thank Swiss arilines, Tenzin Wangmo,Karlha Nyigdatsang and Tsering Youdon la for helping us bring clothes for our children.
  • A big thank you to CanAssist Society of the Canadian High commission in New Delhi for helping us buy building materials and the much needed home furniture and appliances.
  • We thank Madam Aasha Reddy for her support and for always being a part of Maitreya Family. She has organized annual medical check-ups for the children at the Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi free of cost. Surgeries are also done at minimal cost. We thank her daughter Anjana Reddy for sending pocket money for our children every year.
  • We thank Baal Dam USA for all their help and support.
  • Thanks to Mr. Mike LaTour and family for funding of iron sheet for the terrace roof.
  • Our thanks are extended to Karlha Nyigdatsang, Yeshi Tsegyal Yalotsang and Ngawang Dakpa Tsombetsang for helping us with the building fund.
  • Thank you very much Rob Coles and family from Australia for supporting our website and maintenance.
  • We thank Ann Cameron and Grant who support us from Australia
  • Thank you very much Mr.Vipin and Niten of Mahayana Printing Press for printing our stationery items for free of cost.
  • Thank you very much Mr.Sunil Gupta Kumar and Group of CA to keep our accounts.
  • Our thanks also to Ven.Rigo Tulku of Nigma Rigon for sponsoring lunch today.
  • I would like to express my sincere thanks to all Tibetan brothers and sisters and officials from CTA, NGOs and Media for being present here Today.
  • My sincere thanks to the staff of Maitreya Home: Kusho Tendak, Konchok Yangphel, Karma Tenzin and Nyima Dorjee for their dedication and commitment to this Home.

I once again take this opportunity to thank you all. I believe it is important to say that your help and support has changed the lives of these children in every way for the better.

Thank you
Dakpa Rinpoche

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