Who We Help

The Maitreya Foundation opened its home in 2002 and we now have 23 Tibetan children of varying ages in our care.

Some are orphans…some are children under the age of 6 who come from single parent homes where the child’s well-being is at risk…others are from homes where there is little chance of the child receiving an education.

Since our inception, our care program has evolved to help and support disabled members of the Tibetan community. Many of them are still with their families, and our involvement allows them to stay there and receive the best possible assistance.

We also look out for older Tibetans who find themselves without family and support in the twilight of their lives, and we provide them financial and moral support.

How You Can Help Us

Can you imagine how difficult it is to rent a home that fits about 25 people…even in a densely populated city like New Delhi?

We have managed to do it since we first opened our doors, but it has been difficult…it is expensive…and we’re always subject to the whims of those who own our buildings.

And, if finding a new residence isn’t tricky enough, think about having to move everyone and everything time after time!

That’s why we want to have the security of our own building, and that’s why we’ve started a fund to raise money for that.

That’s how you can help…by donating money for our future and the future of the Tibetan orphans who come in through our doors and under our care.




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