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Just as I have repeatedly encouraged the Sangha members Ven. Dakpa Rinpoche has kept my suggestions in his heart and is now planning to start a centre in the vicinity of Mungod Tibetan settlement to take care of the infirm and old people and also to provide suitable education to the young Tibetans in the community. The centre plans to seeks financial assistance for the education and the maintenance of children from the poor families. The centre also plans to work to increase awareness about environment and to protect it.

I welcome this voluntary work which comes from a sense of social responsibility. As a token of my appreciation of such beneficial activities I am contributing one hundred thousand rupees for the work of the centre. It is my hope that everyone, Tibetan as well as others, who care others, will provide their support and assistance for this good work.

Shakya Bhikshu Dalai Lama
25th July 1997
Theckchen Choeling Mcleod Ganj 176219, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India Tel: (1892)21343/21879 Fax: (0182)21813

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