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My Life Before Maitreya Home
Before coming to Maitreya Home I was staying with my Mom, Dad and my twins younger brother in Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh). There, I was going to an Indian school nearby my house. I really hate to go there, so I used to bunk school with my friends and go to jungle. There we used to have lots of fun. Sometimes we kill birds and steal fruit from other’s farm. If my mom came to know about it she beat me like a stray dog. I had very adventurous life there. Tawang is a place bounded by mountains.
Staying there I no nothing about outside world. I don’t have knowledge about anything.
I was from there. I can go wherever I want to. I don’t have any kind of rules and regulations which I think is very important to one’s individual life. When its school holiday I go to my farm and help my mom and dad. Farming is the main occupation there so, we also earn by selling crops in market. We were quit happy and small family.
Since I come to Maitreya my life change. I came to know much about outside world. We  are getting superb education here. I had experienced small family, and now experiencing a big family. I really love this home. This is my second home and I will surely take International Maitreya Home further.
Name Tsering Yangkee  
Class 9th D